About Me

Ewa is a Polish-American writer, independent researcher, transformational coach and a narcissistic abuse survivor. 

In her coaching practice, she draws from her decade-long experience in holistic healing, yoga, nutrition, somatic therapies, and psychology research to help clients find their True Self after having experienced familial, relationship and vocational abuse.

Ewa teaches worldwide workshops and retreats, teaching her clients the power of self-love and assertiveness, how to set boundaries, recover from abuse and heal the wounded child to live a freer, more authentic and fulfilling life. Recent live Soul GPS events were held in New York City, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Krakow and Warsaw. 

Prior to launching her coaching practice, Ewa spent two decades in Silicon Valley working in the high-tech industry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Menlo College, having graduated as the class valedictorian. 

In her spare time, Ewa enjoys traveling the world, hiking in nature, connecting with people and writing stories. 

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