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Hello and welcome to Soul GPS, where we take our life back in our hands after narcissistic abuse.

My name is Ewa and I'm a Polish-American writer, independent researcher, coach and narcissistic abuse survivor. In early 2016, I left my twelve-year-long Silicon Valley career in high-tech to pursue travel and helping people align with their inner spark. 

A series of events in the summer and fall of 2016, led me on an inner quest. As a result, instead of helping people find their passion, I dove deeper into psychology in order to understand the causes and repercussions or narcissistic abuse. My journey took a turn, but I believe it was for the better. 

Soul GPS is my love project that stemmed from healing my childhood wounds. I will forever be grateful for the gifts of self-healing, which had brought me to living in a closer alignment to my purpose, facing my fears and more authentically connecting with others.

My mission is to use what I know to bring people relief from suffering, empower them with knowledge and offer support on the path to recovery. 

In my coaching practice, I draw from a variety of healing modalities, such as a physical training, yoga, dance, the chakra system and nutrition. I conduct ongoing research into psychology and philosophy and practice daily self-study in order to serve my clients with the highest quality of knowledge, support and presence. 

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