Before I stumbled upon Ewa’s coaching, I spent years trying to recover from the desolation of my childhood and early adulthood. My family was especially vicious and there were multiple types of abuse. The counselors I went to told me to maintain contact with my abusers, or simply did not know how to help me sort through the horror.

Yet, in only three sessions with Ewa, I have seen my life transform drastically. Ewa carries a spark within her and with it she has helped me brighten and create a new path to walk towards being and feeling whole.

Narcissists strip you of so much and try to steal and destroy your dignity. Ewa has emboldened me to speak firmly, have compassion for myself, and heal with temperance and gentle stride.

I felt a lot of shame and sadness about my experiences, but Ewa’s genuine kindness and caring encouragement has helped me embrace this journey and continue to heal the little girl within me.

Ewa, thank you. You are a beacon of light in the dark.

- MR, Canada

In that moment of disbelief & pain when we suspect that the person we love may not be who we thought, when we discover the true meaning of NPD, it is difficult to know where to turn. Trust Ewa to help guide you through the mayhem to regain yourself.

- Steve L, UK

I came across SoulGPS when I was going through a pretty devastating time in my life, when I was feeling extremely alone. Something about Ewa's demeanor made me feel connected as if she was a friend who genuinely wanted to help. I also got that impression when I saw that she offers coaching at an affordable price! So many people who are going through Narcissistic abuse have financial difficulties and feel more powerless when they can't pay for the advice they need.

I feel that Ewa had great insight on human behavior and helped me see what direction I need to take with the toxic people in my life. I am feeling much more unpowered and less fearful when dealing with them!

- Anonymous, USA

If you’ve had a relationship with an NPD, it’s likely that you’ve been through a very challenging and life altering experience. It was as a result of such an experience, and in trying to learn more about my role in it that I found Ewa. I found it beneficial to connect with someone who’d had a similar experience and invested a great deal of time in learning a great deal about it firsthand.

Ewa is actually an Alchemist. She has the ability to take a profoundly painful experience and help you turn it into Gold for yourself. She uses her tremendous insight to help guide others through this process with no judgement, no anger and no lingering residue. She comes at this from a place of personal understanding, compassion, openness, courage and love.

If Sunlight is the best disinfectant, Ewa helped shed some light on how I was such a perfect match for an NPD. In doing so, she helped me to move through and embrace my experience rather than try to avoid it. I am ever appreciative of her for sharing her insight with me and for helping guide me through this very difficult time. She was a partner in my healing process … and she helped me turn it into Gold :)

- Karl Jergens-Timmerman, USA

I have found Ewa on Youtube listening to her videos about narcissism. I have never heard about this before and I found myself relating to those videos and everything that Ewa was describing in them. At the time I was in a state of mind that for me there is no way out of an abusive relationship. I thought my life was over even though I had a beautiful baby boy and many things to look forward to. I had no joy in me. I had no hope too. I was convinced I was worth nothing, and that it is ok for people to treat me like garbage.

In the first session Ewa was so understanding and kind that it gave me a certain pressure release in my mind and opened some new ways of thinking. During second and third session I already had completely new doors open for me and my baby to go through.

From the first session she was talking to me like I matter and what I say matters, and that my happiness matters. Nobody in my surroundings was doing that and this changed my perception of myself. I saw that there are people who actually think I worth something.

I am so thankful to you Ewa and will be for the rest of my life.

Ewa is very understanding, kind and smart. She is absolutely able to help people like me to make better choices and better lives for themselves.

- Kate, Southern Europe

Ewa has the amazing ability to deeply ‘feel’ your situation and life circumstances. Through emails and talks she helped me re-connect with my inner strength and make walking my path a priority. A true breakthrough came in our live session – I finally understood that my life is NOW. There’s no point in waiting for the right moment to turn it around. And so, since our breakthrough conversation I started changing it. In ACTION! It finally feels like being on the right track. Thank you, Ewa!

- Agnieszka, Poland


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