UNCHAINED is a 12-step program I created to guide you through the process of breaking your loyalty bonds with people who hurt you and betrayed you.  

A betrayal by someone you felt you could trust can shatter your perception of reality and erode your sense of self. But there is another way to approach the devastating event. A crisis can become an opportunity to let the house of cards fall for a more authentic YOU to emerge organically. 

The program will give you the validation, knowledge and skills to alchemize your suffering and turn it into a source of fresh energy and empowerment. 

UNCHAINED includes 13 videos, a guided visualization, PDF and audio downloads and a list of suggested practices and exercises to help you embody each lesson.

Chapters include:

  1. Welcome & Introduction
  2. Wider Context & The Pain of Misalignment
  3. The Abuse Cycle
  4. What is Trauma Bond?
  5. Examining the Abuser
  6. Four Stages of Bonding
  7. Why You Stayed
  8. Physical Recovery
  9. Emotional Recovery
  10. Cognitive Recovery
  11. Neurological Recovery
  12. Spiritual Recovery
  13. Where Do We Go From Here?

Unchained comprises approximately 15 hours of footage.

By joining the program, you will get instant access to all the materials and become a part of community of fellow travelers on the path of healing and self-discovery.  


Here is what people have to say about UNCHAINED:

I love the program!!! It's been so helpful to me, wonderfully insightful and broken down so perfectly to understand all the interconnecting pieces that make up the whole.  - Ginger, USA

Thank you for walking with me through this time and being a light that has kept me going. It has given me the strength I needed when I was too tired to walk. - KL

I just wanted to say that your course - how to break the trauma bond is very helpful. I’m going through this process now. - Sophia, Norway


Interact with a community of fellow travelers on their path to personal freedom & empowerment. 


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